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Kölsch Service at Dancing Gnome

It’s no secret that we love our German Kölsch-style ale, Not Always Present. Beginning this spring, we’ll be starting Kölsch Service in the taproom. Here’s how it works!

Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, thin, cylindrical 20-cL glass called a Stange. The beer is poured and placed in a Kranz, a circular tray designed to fit and carry a number of strangen for easy transport. Instead of walking up to order a refill, we’ll immediately replace an empty Stange with a full one, marking a tick on coaster under the Stange. When you’ve had your fill,  all you need to do is place the coaster on top of the empty Stange or bring your coaster up to the service counter and we’ll close you out for the ticks on the coaster (‘lost’ coasters will result in a $50 fee).

Each Stange fill will cost you only $3! This service will be available everyday if seated at the bar, and for the entire taproom on Tuesdays beginning March 21st.

Not interested in Kölsch Service but still want a pint of NAP? No sweat! You can order a a perfect pour at anytime at the service counter.

For any additional questions, just ask anyone behind the bar. They’re all a wealth of knowledge about all things beer and Dancing Gnome.